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Fall Into Fall With Outstanding Outerwear

It's that time of the year when outerwear becomes your best friend.

Outerwear doesn't have to be just a way to stay warm. The Wild Cherry has the most unique and one-of-a-kind jackets to elevate your personal style into icon status. 

Our 4th & Gole line has an array of stand-out sports letterman jackets ranging from collegiate to pro throwback classics and everything in between. The "Fall Into Fall With Outstanding Outerwear" drop adds a whole new collection to boost any outfit. Here are some of our favorite picks from the campaign!


Houston Astros Letterman

First up is our legendary MLB Houston Astros letterman jacket. Dating back to the 1960s, the Astros are a classic throwback team in major league baseball. With worldwide fame coming from the iconic Astrodome stadium and extraordinary talent on their side, the Astros are the epitome of success.


LA Lakers Letterman

It couldn't be The Wild Cherry Store without paying homage to our hometown Los Angeles. Lakers Nation has arrived with this collectible letterman jacket. One of the most well-known and talented teams on the NBA roster, who wouldn't take pride in wearing this?


Miami Hurricanes Varsity Jacket

"It's All About The U!" The University of Miami Hurricanes are one of the most celebrated and honored teams in NCAA history. With a number of records under their belt, the Hurricanes have a distinct swagger in the world of college football. Look like a champion adorned in the recognizable orange, green, and white.


Vegas Golden Knights Letterman

Nothing says royalty like representing a team named the Golden Knights. The Vegas Knights letterman is our first-ever NHL jacket to hit the website. Still a relatively new team, the Knights are the first major sports franchise to represent Las Vegas. However, they've found immediate success and won their first Stanley Cup this year, making it the perfect time to get your hands on this gem!


These were just a few of the 9 new, special edition jackets being added to our already exquisite Letterman Series. Our letterman's feature styles that bring the wow factor to any outfit, hand-stitching, natural fabrics, and team embroidery. The Wild Cherry is your one-stop shop for your quality outerwear needs this fall and winter season!